Safer Drivers Course

Why Safer Drivers Course?

Safer Drivers Course has been introduced by NSW government from July 2013 and it has been designed by Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) as having goal of safe driving practice for learner drivers under 25 years old. A research shows that Learners are in much risk of crash and accident while they are on the mode of getting P1 and also shows that the learners who have more supervised driving practice has less chance of fatal crash.

Main aim of safer drivers course is to make people aware of safe and defensive driving methods, which can help them in future also. To improve learner drivers' level of driving and enhance it to defensive driving level, is the purpose of Onroad Driving School for Safer Drivers Course.

Both theoretical and practical driving lessons are being provided by Onroad under Safer Drivers Course, which focuses on:

  • Main safe driving tips.
  • Speed management.
  • Hazard awareness.
  • Safe following distance (driving methods to avoid tailgaters).
  • Gap selection (driving with safe gap between cars).
  • Risk avoidance.
  • Crash control.
  • Other driving strategies that will help to avoid risks on the road.

The course consists of two modules: a workshop and in-car training.

Module 1

It's a 3 hour interactive workshop on how to identify and manage risks while driving. Module 1 is led by an experienced facilitator with up to 12 participants. Research has shown that the transition from supervised to unsupervised driving is when drivers are most at risk of a fatal accident or severe injury. Module 1 aims to give participants the knowledge required to reduce this risk.

Participants will come away from Module 1 with the knowledge and understanding of:

  • Why they are about to enter the highest risk driving period.
  • What factors lead to this high risk period.
  • How to identify these factors and risks.
  • How to manage and reduce the associated risks.
  • Low risk driving strategies.

Module 1 also prepares participants for unsupervised driving and gives them driving skills for life. Onroad Driving School regularly runs Module 1 at various locations throughout Sydney, visit the location page to find the nearest course to you!


Module 1


Module 2

Module 2

It's a 2 hour in-car practical training on low risk driving strategies. Module 2 is conducted with 2 participants and puts the concepts learnt in Module 1 into practice with an experienced RMS accredited driving instructor.

Participants will gain practical skills in:

  • Following distances.
  • Gap selection.
  • Hazard perception.
  • Speed management.

Onroad Driving School provides Module 2 at a range of locations throughout Sydney. The time and location of Module 2 is organised with your trainer at Module 1, however we are very flexible with our times and locations to ensure the training is run as conveniently as possible for you. Module 2 must be completed within 1 month of Module 1.

Safer Drivers Course and Learner Logbook System

A learner driver must have 120 hours entitled in his logbook under various conditions. If both the modules of Safer Drivers Course are completed, learner driver will have 20 hours reduced in his logbook, i.e. he will need 100 hours more. As an advantage, if a learner driver goes through 10 hours of professional driving lessons, 20 hours are entitled in his logbook.

If a learner driver opts for Safer Drivers Course with Onroad Driving School, a total of 50 hours will be reduced from compulsory 120 hours. 

Here is a logbook hours' data:

Learner Driver Courses Real Training Hours Bonus Hours Logbook Total Hours Price $
Safer Drivers Course 5 Hours (3 + 2) 20 Hours 120 Hours $140 **
Professional Pack
- 10 Hours - Driving Lesson
10* Hours 30 Hours 120 Hours $580
(Professional Pack)
Safer Drivers Course
Professional Pack
15 Hours 50 Hours 70 Hours $ 720
 for 50 Logbook Hours


** Free for Concession Card Holders

Eligibility Criteria

  • Safer Drivers Course is available to learner drivers under the age of 25 years in NSW.
  • A learner driver must have completed 50 logbook driving hours.
  • These hours are excluded from Professional Driving Lessons hours $140 payable to Onroad Driving School.
  • Learner driver must attend Module 1 and Module 2 within time frame of 4 weeks.

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